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Online Entrepreneur & mommy of Zo Follow us through our everyday life and see our dedication to bring you unique and stylish gifts & wedding glassware

From a very young age, I was taught the importance of work. My family built a very profitable business traveling to flea markets and festivals selling under canopies and in arenas. We met many new women eager to travel for a bargain with their best gal pals. My family was doing well for themselves when having a self-made business was still perceived as risky and even irresponsible. Long rides in a big white box truck living off gas station snacks, just to unload bulky boxes and wipe the dust from product, to inevitably explain to Margret that I will not sell her my $5 item for two for a dollar. I can honestly say this wasn’t what I considered a hoot-hollerin’ good time. I needed structure and security, and the changing seasons coupled with the rising gas prices weren’t always kind.

Head strong, I set out to get into the flourishing medical workforce. I’m sure you can see where the zeal of sanitary office space and professional customer service would be alluring to me. After taking some classes on campus I decided that I was eager enough to do my work online, taking pride in my ability to be driven without constant supervision. I received my degree in office management and settled down in that pristine little office that I had dreamed while caught in so many thunderstorms… and something was still missing.

So what’s a girl to do? With a husband who travels for work, often times being gone for months at a time, and the freelance blood running fierce through my veins?  And then I had it. Since I was a little girl, I wrote my name on everything. Notebooks, hairbrushes, walls, Backstreet Boys trapper keepers… If it was mine, you knew it! I loved giving a personal touch to mundane everyday items. I created all the glassware used in my own wedding and everyone loved their personalized pieces. I started making personalized cups and posting them on social media, at first to just friends and family (who were wonderfully supportive, when they weren’t painstakingly critical) and before you knew it I was getting orders by the dozens.

I am so very fortunate to be doing what I love from home. I have the flexibility to travel with my husband and see some amazing places… and now to be at home with my beautiful daughter as she grows into an inquisitive sassy little toddler.

I hope you’ve come to enjoy my custom creations as much as I’ve enjoyed making them for you.  Any feedback is, as always, greatly appreciated.



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